Self Care Tips for Nonprofit Leaders

Daily self-care is a habitual process we all agree is vital for others to engage with, but sometimes struggle to make the time to commit to ourselves. Self-care requires time, attention, and energy, and more often than not, many strong leaders tend to focus their attention on others’ needs before even considering their own needs. This is doubly true for those in the non-profit realm who are already immensely inclined toward philanthropic good and putting others’ needs before the needs of self. Still, in order to be an effective leader, you first have to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. If you are frayed, overwhelmed, or at your wit’s end, you won’t be able to provide co-workers or friends with the support they need and the guidance you’d like to provide. Take some time to follow these steps if you want to make self-care a more consistent part of your life.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Find Quiet Time and Moments For Positive Thought

Nicholas Kahrilas, based in Los Angeles, is an active community leader and the President of Platinum Legacy. Learn more @